Model T10 Lite

HP Price starts from 60p + vat per day Call for details or request a quotation 

Track & Trace Tracker with Lots of Features & Reports

Price includes:

  • Tracker hardware and wiring harness

  • Instillation at your location

  • 36 Month UK onsite warranty 

  • Monthly airtime subscription (based on a 36 Month minimum term) 

  • Ongoing training and personal support from TRACKUK

Main Features

  • Insurance approved by many insurance companies

  • Small compact design

  • Covertly hidden 

  • Detailed up to date Web based mapping

  • Google street view

  • 1 Minute updates

  • Points of interest/Geo-fencing

  • Alerts for over speeding & entry/exit of a POI

  • Journey summary 

  • Journey detailed report

  • Quick view of a route taken on a journey

  • Find nearest vehicle to a location

  • Vehicle service, MOT, Tax & Insurance dates at a glance

  • Lots more standard features to help run your fleet

Optional extra 

  • Driver ID via a Dallas key & Dallas key reader, see below 

The T10 Lite is the new generation hardware bringing cutting edge vehicle monitoring in a small ergonomic closure.


The unit is small in size yet big on features with a model to suit your individual requirements!

Made in the UK means outstanding quality control making reliability second to none!


The small design means this tracker unit can be covertly hidden away inside a vehicle. 

Flyer & Specification PDF Download 

Login via any internet device

  • Detailed Web based mapping giving you the location of all your vehicles


  • Google Street View is a standard feature, with a click of the mouse you have the option to have this feature on or off

  • PC view 

  • Easy to read layout 

  • Clear & Precise information 

TRACKUK example tracker homescreen.png

Video Demonstration

Available Search options 

  • Group

  • Vehicle

  • User

  • Driver

  • Point of Interest

  • Post Code

  • Street

  • Town

  • Longtiude & Latitude

Choose from 4 base Maps

  • Trakm8 map

  • Open Street Map

  • Google Street Map

  • Google Hybrid Satellite Map


Overlayers on the map that can be turned on/off at your convienience

  • Current Weather

  • National Speed Limits

  • Points of Interest

  • Highways Agency Traffic Events 

  • Shows Actual Traffic - England

  • LBS (Local Business Services)

Optional Driver ID

Driver ID records a drivers name against all journeys made in any vehicle that has driver ID installed, the driver name is shown on the Livetrack so you can see who is driving a vehicle at that moment in time and appears on the reports


How it works

Each Dallas key has its own unique code, a drivers name is then assigned to a specific Dallas key. When a driver switches a vehicle ignition on they will hear a buzzing noise which reminds them to present the Dallas key to the reader/receptical, this is usually located on or by the dashboard near to the driver, when the Dallas key is presented the buzzer will stop sounding.


Options to have the following configurations:

Dallas Key Reader) with 1 Dallas key                                                                                                                                                                                               For recording a driver name for all journeys made. 

Dallas Key Reader, 1 x Dallas Key with a Push Button

For recording a driver name for all journeys made with a push button for selecting between business & personal mileage logging.

Dallas Key Reader, 1 x Dallas key with a Panic Button

For logging panic events onto the tracker system. The Dallas key will log all journey types in the usual way, if the panic button is pressed while the vehicle ignition is switched on the tracker system will log a panic event on the reports and can be set so it automatically sends an email or onscreen alert to a PC user.

Dallas Key Reader Receptical.jpg
Driver ID Button for recording business and Personal mileage

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