T10 Micro 

Plug in tracker you can fit yourself!

Eliminates instillation & remove/refit charges!

Check to see if your vehicle is compatible with this type of tracker

OBD port vehicle Compatibility Checker Click Here

One of the smallest vehicle trackers with direct power supply from the OBD port

OBD port vehicle location guide with

coloured photos to aid you Click Here

Plug and Play Tracker
plug and play tracker unit
dimensions of the t10 micro plug in tracker




Please Note!

This plug-in type tracker is not suitable for all vehicles. Please check the compatibility checker at the top of the page or email us your vehicle make, model and registration number and we can let you know if it is suitable. If it is not suitable then a hard wired version would be required at an added labour cost from £75 + vat, a fitter would need to attend for this version. 


On some vehicles the OBD port is located underneath a plastic cover and this has to be removed, usually by simply pulling the cover off or unscrewing it, the guide will show you if there is a cover and the location, see the OBD port vehicle location guide at the top of the web page.


Tracker Dimensions - Height 2 cm (not the part that fits into the OBD slot), Length 4.5 cm, Width 2.5 cm  

Track UK login page to spoton web

The T10 Micro is unique in design and performance. This is probably one of the smallest vehicle trackers on the market today


The unit is simply a "Plug & Play system" This means it has been design for you to install this device yourself and should only take approximatlly 5 to 10 seconds to fit for most vehicles




 The T10 Micro has been designed to plug into the vehicles  OBD port (On Board Diagnostics port) and takes the power supply from this port & therefore eliminating any power loss problems as most plug & Play systems require a portable battery and is the subject to losing power very quickly, but not ours!

The Tracker software is Web Based which means you can view the mapping and reports on any internet based device


  • Windows PC

  • Apple Mac

  • Apple iPhones & iPads

  • Android mobile  devices 


All tracker units are made in the UK giving great design and quality build features, the factory is located  in Coleshill Birmingham UK.



  • Detailed up to date Web based mapping

  • Google Street View

  • 1 Minute updates

  • Point of Interest/Geofence

  • Alerts

  • Plug & Play Design

  • Group Detailed Report

  • Odometer Reading

  • POI Summary Report

  • Where Are My Drivers?

  • Journey Snail Trail Of Route Taken

  • Find The Nearest Vehicle To A Location

  • Journey Summary

  • Journey Detailed Report

  • Point Of Interest Report

  • Optional Canbus Data (extra subscription charge applies)


User Options


Over layers on the map that can be turned on/off at your convenience to show:-

  • Current Weather

  • National Speed Limits 

  • Points Of Interest

  • Highways Agency Traffic Events

  • Actual Traffic Jams - England

  • Petrol Stations


Choose from 4 base maps at anytime

  • Trakm8 Map

  • Open Street Map

  • Google Road Map

  • Google Hybrid Satellite map


Option to search for below

  • Group

  • Vehicle

  • User

  • Driver

  • Asset

  • Point Of Interest

  • Post Code

  • Street

  • Town

  • Longitude, Latitude 



Call now for a quotation 0121 514 8844 or email info@trackuk.co.uk