Tracker with Built-In Dashcam

Model RH600

Live View Streaming

Event Footage Sent to the Cloud 

The world's most advanced Tracker with Built-In 4G telematics camera!

RH600 image example
Example photo of GPS Fleet tracker with built in dashcam

The ground breaking RH600 is the first 4G camera combined with a fully-featured telematics GPS Fleet Management Tracker built into one unit.


Available with a single forward facing camera or dual camera with the second camera looking back at the driver/cab area. 

Event triggers automatically sent to the cloud. When an event trigger occurs an image or video clip will automatically be sent via the cloud to the Trakm8 servers for you to login and view so there is No need to remove the SD card from the camera. 

Event Triggers - Footage Sent to the Cloud:

  1.        Ignition On

  2.        Ignition off

  3.        Crash event

  4.        Panic Button Alert

  • Live streaming on demand (requires a 4g reception area). 


  • In addition the RH600 provides the telematics functionality of our most advanced tracking devices, including:

  • Driver behaviour



  • CANbus integration

  • Connected Care vehicle diagnostics

  • Driver ID

Watch the video opposite to obtain a better insight into the RH600

RH600 Icons

Fully Featured Telematics

This system provides all the capabilities of a fully featured tracking unit. It can integrate with your vehicle to provide the information that you need to manage your fleet and reduce operational costs including fuel usage, driver behaviour and Canbus data.

4G Connectivity

A 4G modem, combined with advanced video compression, offers the fastest available download speed and ensures you can see important events as soon as they happen.

Integrated EcoN Lightbar

The integrated lightbar uses visual in-cab feedback to promote safer, more efficient driving for the driver.

2 x Optional Cameras

The RH600 comes with one forward facing camera and has the option to have an additional camera looking back at the driver. Each camera can be pivoted to any position or can be detached and placed in a different position in the cab area. A combination of the front forward camera of what the driver sees and the in-cab view is ideal for validating insurance claims.

Connected Care

Predict breakdowns before they happen and reduce the time and cost of identifying maintenance issues with the RH600's vehicle health updates.

RH600 iamge
RH600 Icons 2.png

Video On-Demand

The system automatically sends footage of harsh events, & other incidents are available at the touch of a button.

Download & review any pictures & video footage for evidence in insurance claims & improve driving performance using actual event-based video coaching. 

Automated FNOL Events

Trakm8 TRACKUK RH600 image

Automatically capture & report crash events. The system is also able to push the data to third parties such as insurance companies or police to minimise stress, improve downtime & minimise business impact. 

Points of Interest

Create geo-fences around points of interest such as depots, collection points, customers locations and service stations and monitor vehicle's entry and exit times. The device can be configured to capture live footage or a still image on entry or exit of a predefined zone, providing detailed time-on-site reports and acting as a security measure for out of hours use.

Live Video Streaming

Having the ability to monitor drivers in real-time assists in reducing driver distraction & unsafe driving practises. Live data also improves customer service through the provision of real-time driver locations & is able to provide fleet managers with further insights into delays or driver welfare in the event of a collision.  

Swift Reports

Create bespoke alerts and reports. The device can be configured to record video in certain eventualities by creating rules, for example a picture of the driver at the start of every journey.


Data Packages

Trakm8's advanced video compression system means that you are not just limited to just a couple of video transmitions a week like most live cameras on the market. The basic tariff allows up to 100mb of data which in turn allows up to 250 videos, 125 still images and 10 minutes of live streaming each month.


The Trakm8 Advanced Driver Assist System monitor high-risk behaviours such as mobile phone usage, insufficient concentration on the road, and driver micro-sleeping, ensuring the safest environment for your drivers and your business.

Picture in Picture View

Review forward and rear-facing camera footage at the same time, giving fleet managers a holistic view of events.

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