DVR Multi Camera Systems

CCTV for Vans

Ideal for most vehicles such as Cars, Taxis, Vans & HGV  

Live View - Dark Winter Morning Example

Live View PC Software - Bright Sunny Day Example

Record video footage for up to 30+ days on a 1TB or 2TB SSD - Solid State Hard Drive! 

Optional Subscription Features Include:-

  • Live location of your vehicles displayed on a map (Basic tracker features)! 

  • Live view from all the cameras from your PC or smartphone! 

  • Remote video playback of recordings on the hard drive from a PC or smartphone!

Live View from all the cameras installed into a vehicle, view any incidents or recordings remotely with no waiting for the vehicle to drive back to base!


Remote connection from a PC or smartphone provides virtually instant access to the DVR unit installed into your vehicles. This saves on waiting for your vehicles to return to base and then having to manually remove the hard drive and connect it to your PC to view any video footage. The vehicle can simply carry on with its daily workload while you have the video evidence within minutes and hassle free! 

Mobile phone app demonstration

Click on the phone image to start or pause 

Mobile phone app features:

  • Map - For viewing the location of a vehicle displayed on a map 

  • Location - View a current location, address & vehicle details

  • Video - See a live view from all the cameras installed in a vehicle

  • Playback - Connect to the DVR unit and view recordings remaining                                  on the hard drive

With an increase in people making claims against company vehicle/fleet owners, for genuine and false/fraudulent accusations, this system will help protect you and your drivers! 


With a DVR system you have the option from 1 to 8 cameras located at different locations, around the vehicle.


Most common camera locations are:


  • Front windscreen. 

  • Looking back into the cab area at the driver.

  • Rear reversing camera.

  • Rear camera, an aid for the driver to see all vehicles behind whilst driving & displayed on an in-cab colour monitor.

  • Side cameras for looking down along each side of the vehicle for any under or overtaking manoeuvres. 

  • Rear load area infra red cameras for low light, for recording loading and unloading.

When the vehicles ignition is switched on all the cameras will start to record. By default the cameras will record for 30 minutes after the ignition is switched off, this can be changed to 1 hour if required. 

This customer example has 2 x rear cameras, 1 for reversing & 1 to aid the driver whilst driving. 


The rear driving image is permanently displayed on the monitor while the ignition is switched on, an extra aid for when overtaking. 

Rear van cameras

In-Cab Monitor & Small Discrete Windscreen Camera

Windscreen Dashcam and monitor
4 Channel SSD image example.jpg
DVR location

The DVR main unit is small and compact in design with a metal lockable case for protection and security so only you have access to the footage.


To view recorded footage simply remove the hard drive from the DVR unit and connect it to your PC.


Alternatively (and the best option) is to take on the small monthly Live View subscription @ £12 + vat per vehicle per month. No lengthy contracts simply a 30 day rolling contract. Ask for details.

The "Live View Subscription" will enable you to see:-

  • A live view from all the cameras installed

  • Remotely view previous recordings that are remaining on the hard drive

  • Live vehicle location on a map & vehicle details.

  • All via a PC or Smartphone. The PC software has a lot more features and you can download and keep the footage.

Please Note!

Live View and remote playback is only available when the vehicle's ignition is switched on or within the delayed switch off time after the ignition is turned off. 

PC software - live view from the cameras, video footage & vehicle location

Live view camera image

From an internet based PC connect to the DVR unit to see a live view from all of the cameras installed in a vehicle

Live View

Record Heading

To view video footage remaining on the hard drive.

Select the date and time then simply double click to view the recorded footage. 

Recorded in 1 minute clips

Subject to GSM signal strength & ignition being switched on

DVR Video Playback
Tracker map view example

Map View

The DVR unit has a basic tracker system so you can view the location of a vehicle 

DVR features

  • Connect up to four 1080p cameras

  • Maximum 2TB SSD storage

  • Compact small design

  • Lockable enclosure

  • HDMI video output

  • 4G Connectivity

  • 4 Sensor input

  • Analogue video output

  • Input power 8-32 volt DC

  • Operating temp -10° to + 60° C 

Recording times, use as a guide only 

SSD (solid state hard drive) DVR

240GB SSD 

  • Front camera - 280 hours

  • Front and rear camera - 140 hours


  • Front 1120 hours

  • Front and Rear - 560 hours 


64GB SD Card

  • Front camera only - 75 hours

  • Front and Rear camera - 38 hours 

128GB SD Card 

  • Front camera only - 150 hours 

  • Front and Rear camera - 75 hours

Please Note!

To view live view features the vehicles ignition must be switched on or within 30 minutes of being switched off, this can be extended to 1 hour if required. 

Front Camera Specification AHD-1080P-MB

Fleet witness front camera image.jpg
Windscreen mounted camera.JPG
  • 1080P AHD camera

  • 2.0 Megapixel

  • Records at 25 FPS

  • Weatherproof IP69K

  • Viewing angle 120° - 150° 

  • Compact small design

  • AHD 1080P video output

  • Input power 12 volt DC +/- 10% 

Internal Mini IR Camera 

Mini IR Camersa a.jpg

The Mini IR camera is ideal for capturing video footage in low light