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Screen Shot report examples GPS Fleet Tracking systems


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Login Screen
Login from an internet device with your username and password.
Login available from TRACKUK website
Home Screen Example
View the location of all your vehicles
Google Street View
With the click of the mouse, choose to see Google Street View alongside the ordinance survey view
Snail Trail
Shows a snail trail view of a journey made
Over Layers
With the click of a button choose from a list of Over Layers you want to see on the map, road traffic delays, road works, weather etc
POI (Point of Interest)
Add a point of interest/geofence on the map and name it
Report Wizard
Use the report wizard to generate lots of different types of reports
Search Box
Search for a driver, Point of Interest, nearest driver to a postcode location and more...
Highways Agency Traffic Events
Shoes Highway Agency traffic events and fast to slow moving traffic on UK roads (England Only)

A few screen shot examples of a Canbus connected system

T10 ecoN & T10 Small 

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