Vehicle Canbus Connected Care

Vehicle Health - Pro-actively monitor the condition of your vehicle fleet 

Minimise breakdowns & reduce expensive repair bills 

When Connected Care is added to the tracker system it monitors the vehicles health. The vehicle health solution enables vehicle diagnostic data to be read from the CANbus network of a car or light commercial vehicle, providing valuable insight into the condition of the vehicle. 

Diagnostic Trouble Codes 

The tracker system can display engine fault codes and by pro-actively acting to to these you can save money and expensive downtime from a vehicle not having to be off the road. Diagnostic trouble code diagnose issues are read by the tracker device, the fault codes are then shown on the tracker software. DTCs or engine fault codes help pinpoint where and what problems exist within the vehicle. 

Connected Care CC-phone
Tracker Shows dashboard warning lights

Vehicle Warning Lights  

When Connected Care is installed and activated, the tracker system can alert you to potential vehicle issues. Remote monitoring of vehicle warning lights such as, washer fluid, ABS, traction Control, DPF, AdBlue etc.


Battery Health 

Receive alerts showing the condition of your vehicle's battery. Every time a vehicle battery is started, feedback on the health is read and reported back in near real- time to the tracker system.


You can view the battery health of each vehicle at a quick glance in the tracker summary bar, see below. 

Live Fuel Levels 

Monitor live fuel tank levels, at a glance you can see the exact amount of fuel in each vehicle.


True ODO (Mileage) Readings

With Connected Care you will see true ODO readings taken from the vehicle's ECU and then shown on the tracker system and reports.


Without Connected Care the ODO readings (like all other tracker companies) relay on the ODO reading being taken from the GPS from the tracker unit inside a vehicle, which is not always accurate and can be out by +-5%  

Fleet Tracker LiveFfuel Readings

Vehicle information summary bar shown on the main tracker page when a vehicle is selected

Summary Bar Example with Connected Care

Please note, not all vehicle manufacturers open up everything for us to read remotely so we cannot guarantee all the features and functions will be shown for all vehicles, ask for details.