Roadhawk Dashcam

Model DC-2

Forward Facing Camera

Fitting guide example with the supplied power lead. For a hardwire install no power lead would be on show at the cigarette lighter socket end

how to insall dc2 dashcam

Video user guide for models DC-2/HD

Contents in the box


  • 1 x Roadhawk DC-2 Camera

  • 1 x Power Cable (cigarette lighter adaptor type 12v)

  • 1 x 8gb SD Card

  • 1 x USB Card Reader

  • 1 x Windscreen Adhesive Mount

  • 1 x Vertical Windscreen Adhesive Mount

  • 1 x User Manual

  • 1 x CD- Rom

Forward facing Dashcam that offers up tp 1080p resolution.


For longer recording time you can scale the resolution down to 720p or 480p which still gives you a great quality video recording.



  • Full HD 1080p Video Recording

  • High quality sensor providing excellent video quality and tuned for low light sensitivity

  • Gyro Balanced image stabiliser

  • 1GHZ GPS Receiver records speed and location on Google mapping

  • Built in microphone, audio can be disabled 

  • Vertical mount design so that the lens of the camera sits closer to the windscreen minimising reflection

  • G-Force sensing, adjustable by the user

  • Bite rate and resolution setting, adjustable by the user  

  • Alarm input that can connect to our Fleet Tracking System, alerts when a G-force is detected (additional wiring harness required)

  • Manual event trigger on the back of the unit or optional seperate switch on the dashboard

  • SD XC compatable from 4gb to 128gb SD memory cards (comes supplied with 1 x 8gb SD card)



  • External GPS antenna for vehicles that have a sola reflected screen that cannot pick up GPS through the windscreen

  • External microphone for recording in a certain section of the vehicle

  • Lockable Solution, restrict access to the camera. It is not possible to remove the SD card or power cable without a key


The camera is supplied with an adhesive pad to mount the camera behind your rear view mirror. 


Enough cable is provided to route the power cable around the windscreen and to the accessory socket. You can purhase a seperate hardwire kit so, instead of a cigarette lighter adaptor, the power cable can be hardwired into the vehcile and then automatically switches on/off with the vehicle's ignition switch

Accessory Price List

Supply Only price list and accessory items Hardwire install POA

All prices exclude vat 

Post & packing add £10 + vat to mainland UK


Optional Hardwire Kit for 12v vehicles - Required for all 24v vehicles



Optional Locking Box



Event Button/Alarm -also used for connecting the Dashcam to a fleet tracking system



32gb high quality memory card



64gb high quality memory card



128gb high quality memory card



Optional seperate GPS antenna



Spare 12v Power Cable



Windscreen Mount



Suction Mount


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SD Card approximate record times & settings


Good Video Quality with camera set to 480p with a bite rate of 1-4 


Memory card size      Record Time      Seperate Events 

8gb                            6hr 25mins        90

64gb                          39hrs                 750

128gb                        78hrs                 1500



Better Video Quality with camera set to 720p with a bite rate of 5-8 


Memory card size      Record Time      Seperate Events 

8gb                            3hr                     45

64gb                          18hrs                 375

128gb                        36hrs                 750



Best Video Quality with camera set to 1080p with a bite rate of 9 and above


Memory card size      Record Time      Seperate Events 

8gb                            1hr 30mins        22

64gb                          9hrs 15mins      180

128gb                        18hrs 30mins    375



How playback of the video files look when using the Roadhawk softwear

GPS Fleet Tracking



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