Plant - Asset Tracking

Plant machinery with gps fleet tracke

"Help in protecting theft and the misuse of plant machinery and equipment"

Model T10 Small
          Plant Tracker

Telematics based hardware and software solution that can discretely and securely be installed on plant and equipment


The misuse of plant machinery and equipment can be prevented and theft detected, sending you alerts via a dedicated web portal by email 

IP67 rated device

Our Asset solution enables plant managers to track plant machinery and equipment to gain further insight into how they are used and to identify maintenance service requirements

Mobile phone app for gps fleet tracking
Locate all your plant equipment with a GPS fleet tracker

Asset management 

Collections, deliveries and pre-delivery inspections all become simplified with the ability to view the entire fleet on a live map and with each type of asset being displayed by a simple to identify icon

Monitor out-of-hours use by outlining working hours usage for specific machines

Email alerts can then be scheduled which allow plant managers to receive out-of-hours reports or usage reports when machines are out on hire to fall in line with CPA Terms. Further information can also be added to the system and alert plant managers when requirements such as LOLAR testing, Tax and MOT's are necessary

View all you assets on any internet based device

The tracker hardware uses GPRS/GSM to provide accurate location tracking to the Trakm8 web portal, which then displays the tracker/vehicles information online and in real time


From this portal, you can also view aerial photography and Google Street view of the area and communicate directly with the device




The plant tracker enables the creation of a geofences around assets (trackers/vehicles) to ensure they stay in predefined areas


If an asset is moved outside of the designated boundary, or a tamper attempt is made, an alert will be sent to the operator via an email


These attempts are detected through the hardware's 3-axis accelerometer


Rugged Telematics Security Tracking


Dust and water resistant to IP67 standards, the T10 Small Plant/Asset device is impervious to dust and water and designed specifically for use on plant and equipment

Remote Immobilisation


Trakm8's innovation technology facilitates remote immobilisation of plant and machinery over the GPRS/GSM network giving the operator control, ensuring that plant and equipment is not used in an unauthorised way


A "lock down" command will immobilise the asset when the engine is next turned off and on and the Trakm8 Swift tracking web portal will show the asset location.


Note! Remote immobilisation can only be used for vehicles that are not registered for road use and are for off road vehicles only. Vehicles registered for road use can still have the plant tracker but not the immobilisation side for safety reasons 

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