Fleet Optimisation & Route Scheduling

Up to 20% savings are easily achievable!

This system can be integrated with our tracking system (or another manufacturers) or you can use the software on a PC without a tracking device.

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Beyond Route Planning

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Basic route optimisation only plan each individual vehicles best possible journey.

Our scheduling goes several steps further by looking holistically at your fleet, then assigning vehicles, routes and schedules in the most efficient manner. It can also take into account ring-fenced customer delivery windows, working time directives and many more factors.

Our optimisation can provide dynamic scheduling, in real time. For example, you can add last minute jobs for an important customer, or deal with delays and road closures caused by road traffic accidents.


The software easily integrates with back office systems and fleet management software, as well as the Trakm8 solutions. 


Being experts in middleware, meaning we can integrate route scheduling with your existing back office, ePOD, and telematics systems, with the minimum of fuss. Telematics integration enables you to push optimised schedules to drivers via a PDA or mobile phone app, enabling you to compare planned versus actual performance. We can also combine our optimisation with driver behaviour monitoring, vehicle health alerts and vehicle camera solutions, helping you to maximise efficiencies and improve the overall performance of your fleet.

Electric Vehicles

Trakm8 Optimisation was the first scheduler to optimise electric vehicles (EVs) and remains a leader in this field. The unique algorithms use real-world EV range data to help you achieve the most electric miles possible. They account for factors on battery charge such as weather and route topography to accurately predict range. Uniquely, we can optimise a mixed fleet of conventional and electric vehicles, getting the best out of every vehicle.  

Substantial Savings

Fleet costs can be reduced by up to 20% and substantially reduce carbon emissions, delivering a rapid return on investment.

Benefit from the award-winning optimisation software:

  • Cut total fleet mileage and carbon emissions

  • Increase productivity and vehicle utilisation

  • Substantially cut transport planning time

  • Integrates with telematics, ePOD, and back office software

  • Unique electric vehicle optimisation capabilities

  • Dynamic scheduling - reacts in real time to a change of plan

FREE Benchmarking

Find out what you could save with the free bench marking exercise by taking data from how you currently plan your fleet operations, and running it through the Trakm8 algorithms, we can show you the savings you could make.

It's completely free and there is no obligation to purchase afterwards.


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"The algorithms are capable of making millions of calculations in a relatively short space of time, vastly improving our manual transport planning and helping us to meet our own delivery rules,"

Andrew Cauldwell

Logistics Manager, Avanti Gas

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