Fleet Tracking with Driver ID 

Driver ID is an optional add-on to a tracker system for recording a driver name.


The purpose of Driver ID is to identify who is driving a vehicle at that moment in time & to record a drivers name against any vehicle and journey made.

The drivers name will appear on the tracker reports identifying which vehicle they have driven and for the journeys they have made, all reports can then be viewed, printed off or emailed. 

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Available Driver ID Options

Single Small Dallas key Reader positioned on or near the dashboard where the driver sits. 

When the ignition is switched on a buzzer will sound reminding a driver they need to present their Dallas key to the receptacle. The buzzer will then stop sounding and the drivers name will be recorded on to the system for that journey made.            

Suitable for models T10 lite & T10 Small

Driver ID plus pesonal and business mile
Driver ID plus pesonal and business mile
Driver ID Dallas keys

Business & Personal Mileage or Panic Button

Optional push button, used for either a panic feature or for recording business and personal mileage. 

Business & Personal Mileage Recording

This can be set up so the default setting is for business mileage (you only need to touch the Dallas key to the receptacle) and when pushed it can then record personal mileage so you can easily identify personal and business mileage on the reports. 

If you prefer not to have the push button then you could use 2 different colour Dallas keys, one can be set for business use and the other for personal use. 

Panic Button

This can be configured to act as a panic feature which can record a time and date for the panic event. An automatic email or on screen (PC screen) alert sent to an authorised user. 

Suitable for models T10 lite & T10 Small

Driver Light Bars

The Dallas key receptacle built-in and the business and personal mileage touch screen icons. With this option the driver can choose between business & personal mileage to record these separately. We can set up a default business option if required so you only need to touch the screen for personal use.

The light bar is also used for displaying to the driver how efficiently they are driving by displaying a green light for efficient driving so saving the company money on fuel and their driving manor.

This system is only available with the T10 Small model & with Canbus connection enabled for the driver efficiency scoring.

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For safety reasons the system has been designed that when a vehicle's ignition is switched off it will not require the Dallas key to be presented from the time of switching off for up to the next 3 minutes. This will mean that if a Dallas key is presented or not within 3 minutes of the ignition being switched off it will not record a driver name. This is a safety factor for reasons such as if a vehicles engine stalls at traffic lights or on a rail crossing, the driver can re-start the engine without the distraction of the buzzer sounding so they can concentrate on moving the vehicle as quickly as possible

When the Dallas key option is used, the system will build up a profile of all your driver’s activity and behaviour, no matter how many vehicles they drive


Driver's names will be shown on the on the main tracker screen on your PC showing who is driving which vehicle. The data is recorded and then shown on the reports, all data is stored and readily available to you



This is ideal for many reasons and the most popular being

Know who was driving a vehicle for:-

  • Accidents/Incidents 


  • Overtime claims


  • Speeding Events


  • Mileage claims

  • Records separate Business and Private mileage (depending on the option you choose)

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