A new alert has now been added to inform you of any vehicle that is overspeeding. Simply select this in the alert settings to be informed by email or on screen notification of any vehicle that is exceeding the national speed limit

This also shows on the reports and displays the time and date, actual speed and the actual national speed limit for that road. The overspeeding is diplayed in red on the reports

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Add up to 4 sepereate cameras with & an incab monitor. View all cameras on the colour monitor and record them at the same time. You can also set this system to record up to 48 hours even after the vehicles ignition is turned off. Great product at a great price!

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Dashcam range now added to the website. From a single forward facing camera to a seperate DVR with up to 4 camers. The RoadHawk Dashcam range CAN be linked into the tracking system to alert a user in the avent of a G force or shock sensor event.

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